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Magic Bus - Celebrity Football Match
All stars in Singapore
Published by : Hindustan Times
April 24, 2018 03:24 PM

If there is such a thing as celebrity testosterone, the All Stars football team — a Bandra conglomeration of dishy guys — is certainly it. With a team that includes Ranbir Kapoor as captain along with Abhishek Bachchan, Arjun Kapoor and Dino Morea, it is certainly a hot ticket in town. But in case anyone thought that it’s just a bunch of sweaty men having fun, think again. Philanthropy is the backbone of this initiative and this weekend saw the team playing a charity match in Singapore for their first out-of-India tournament, travelling as a professional unit complete with managers, coaches and other support staff as afforded to international football clubs. Magic Bus, a Mumbai-based initiative that empowers street children, is one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds we are informed. This picture of the aforementioned players along with teammates, photographer Rohan Shrestha and the Jain brothers Aadar and Armaan, was shot in Singapore at the start of the tournament. The confidence displayed was not misplaced and we are happy to report the boys in white won (and celebrated the victory with a group huddle and multiple victory laps around the stadium).